What To Do if Your Car Key Is Stuck in the Ignition

Having your car key stuck in the ignition is a common yet frustrating issue. It can happen unexpectedly and often at the most inconvenient times. Understanding how to handle this situation calmly and effectively is essential. Read on to discover what to do if your car key is stuck in the ignition.

Check the Steering Wheel Lock

The first thing to check is whether the steering wheel lock is engaged. Sometimes, the steering wheel can lock while the key is in the ignition, which can prevent the key from moving. Gently wiggle the steering wheel back and forth while testing the key in the ignition. Often, this simple action can release the key.

Inspect the Key Position

Ensure that your key is in the correct position. In most vehicles, you need to put the key in the “off” position to remove it. If it’s in another position, it won’t come out. Try gently turning the key to the correct position, being careful not to use excessive force that could cause the key to break.

Avoid Using Excessive Force

If the key doesn’t come out easily, avoid the temptation to use excessive force. Forcing the key can cause it to break, leaving part of it inside the ignition and complicating the situation further. If the key feels stuck because of a mechanical issue, forcing it can also cause additional damage to the ignition cylinder.

Consult an Auto Locksmith in Portland

If you cannot remove the key and suspect a mechanical issue, it’s time to consult a professional. An auto locksmith in Portland can provide the necessary expertise to safely remove the key without damaging your car. They have specialized tools and experience to handle such situations and can repair or replace the ignition cylinder if needed.

Now that you know what to do if your car key is stuck in the ignition, you can approach this problem with confidence. Remember, staying calm is key to resolving it without causing further damage to your car.