Automotive Locksmith in Portland, OR

Ilan Lock & Key offers automotive locksmith services in Portland and surrounding areas. Contact us today for on-site assistance with key replacements, lockouts & more.

Professional Auto Locksmith in Portland, OR

Thank you for choosing Ilan Lock & Key as your preferred automotive locksmith in Portland, Oregon! We have over a decade of experience working with vehicle and motorcycle drivers in and around the city. Whether you are looking for a lost key replacement, a lock change, or lockout assistance, we can help!

We know you rely on your vehicle every day to keep life running smoothly. We also know that there is no time to waste when dealing with a problem related to your locks or keys. That’s why we make it our goal to offer the best car key replacement services in the area. Our reliability is what makes Ilan Lock & Key your trusted source when you need a reliable mobile auto locksmith in Portland, OR.

We look forward to helping you get back on the road quickly and safely!

Auto Pricing

  • Service Call – $29
  • Car Lockout – $59 to $99 (service call included)
  • Key Replacement – $125 to $250 (key fob depends on car model)
  • Push-to-Start Keys – $175 minimum (depends on the model and type)
  • Ignition Repair – $125 minimum
  • Door Lock Repair – $75 minimum
  • Key Programming – $75 minimum
  • Key extraction – $65 minimum

Services Overview

As a seasoned automotive locksmith in Portland, we assist local drivers with a variety of tasks related to their vehicle security, locks, and keys. Thanks to our mobile locksmith capabilities, we meet you right on-site to cut you a new key, replace your locks, or help with vehicle, trunk, and glove box lockouts.

Our transparent pricing makes it easy for you to know how much you can expect to spend. The best part about choosing Ilan Lock & Key as your preferred auto locksmith in Portland is our commitment to clear and fair pricing. Ask us any time what you can expect in terms of cost. There are no surprises or gimmicks with any of our trusted car locksmith services. We will offer a free estimate so there are no surprises on your final bill.

As a professional auto locksmith in Portland, here are just some of the great services we offer:

  • Vehicle lockout assistance
  • Lock replacements
  • Trunk & glove box lockouts
  • Transponder key and key fob replacements
  • Ignition cylinder repairs/replacements
  • Motorcycle key replacements
Vehicle lockout services in Portland, Oregon

Vehicle Lockouts

There is nothing worse than locking your keys in your vehicle or being locked out due to a misplaced or broken key. That’s why we focus on being prompt, on-site auto locksmiths in Portland. That way, we can help you get back in your vehicle and back on the road.

The next time you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, don’t panic! Instead, give our team a call. We’ll be on our way to help you ASAP. Our fair and competitive pricing helps you save time and money in the long run.

With a mobile auto locksmith in Portland, OR, like Ilan Lock & Key by your side, you eliminate the need to hire a tow truck to take your vehicle to a dealership for lockout assistance or a key replacement. We take care of your lockout on-site quickly so you can get back on the road again fast.

Car Lockout: $79 to $99 (Service call included)
Door Lock Repair: $75 minimum

Transponder Keys & Key Fobs

Transponder keys and key fobs are some of the most common vehicle keys these days. However, they’re not always the easiest to replace. The best thing about working with Ilan Lock & Key if you need a transponder key or key fob replacement is the ability to receive fast, on-site services.

Without a trusted car locksmith in Portland to come to your rescue, you will need to hire a tow truck to pick up your vehicle, travel to the dealership, wait in line, and ultimately pay for both the tow truck and the key replacement itself. With two separate bills and hefty charges, this can put a great deal of financial stress on drivers.

When you work with Ilan Lock & Key, you receive the high-quality service you deserve at a fraction of the cost. We cut and program new keys on-site, eliminating the need to work with multiple services or wait in long lines at the dealership.

Get in touch with our team now to request immediate assistance from a trusted auto locksmith in Portland! Our team is ready right now to begin assisting you with our full-service auto and car ignition locksmith solutions without breaking the bank or putting more stress on your plate.

  • Key Programming: $75 minimum
  • Key Replacement: $125 to $250 (key fob depends on car model)
  • Push-to-Start Keys: $175 minimum (depends on the model and type)
Transponder and Key Fob services in Portland, Oregon

Hire an Auto Locksmith in Portland Today!

When it comes to lockouts, key replacements, lock changes, and more, the only auto locksmith in Portland to trust is Ilan Lock & Key. We have the tools, training, and experience necessary to perform your services on-site with precision and skill. Rely on our team today and schedule immediate assistance from a trusted auto locksmith in Portland!

Ignition Cylinder Replacements

Your ignition cylinder is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Without a properly functioning ignition cylinder, your vehicle may stall out or fail to turn on at all. A broken or faulty ignition cylinder can put a damper on your day — but it doesn’t have to stay that way for long.

Ilan Lock & Key not only replaces vehicle keys and locks, but ignition cylinder systems as well. As a critical component of your vehicle’s lock and key system, we have the tools and experience needed to repair or replace your ignition cylinder on-site.

Ignition Repair: $125 minimum
Key Extraction: $65 minimum

Motorcycle Key Replacements

One of the things that makes our services at Ilan Lock & Key so unique is our ability to replace motorcycle keys. A lot of auto locksmith services in Portland don’t offer this service, which makes us the obvious choice for motorcycle key replacements in the area. Contact us today to learn more and to request on-site assistance with motorcycle key replacement in Portland or other surrounding cities.

Key Replacement: $150 to $275, depending on model

Auto locksmith services in Portland, Oregon

Auto Locksmith Services in Portland, Oregon

When you need assistance from a trusted automotive locksmith in Portland, you need Ilan Lock & Key! We service all vehicle makes/models (except Volvo, temporarily) and have the tools and expertise required to perform on-site services quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need a vehicle key replacement, an ignition cylinder repair, key fob programming, lockout assistance, or any other service related to your vehicle locks and keys, we can help! With years of experience under our belts, we are proud to be the auto locksmith service in Portland that drivers trust and rely on. The next time you need a reliable auto locksmith, make sure to call Ilan Lock & Key!

Our commitment to transparent pricing and honest services is unmatched. Unlike some auto locksmith services in Portland, we never try to swindle you into services you don’t need or hide fees from you until your final bill. We are always transparent and honest when it comes to the cost of your services. Your peace of mind is important to us, so transparency is one of the top values we hold as a company.

If you need prompt, reliable, and efficient on-site auto locksmith services in Portland, look no further than Ilan Lock & Key! Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to request immediate assistance.

We can now create replacement keys for BMW & Mercedes.

*We perform auto locksmith services in Portland for all vehicle makes/models except Volvo, temporarily.

Request Car Key Replacement in Portland Today!

Ilan Lock & Key is your go-to locksmith for car key replacement in Portland. We are proud to serve our clients with honesty and integrity. You will always know exactly how much you are paying and why. Contact us ASAP for immediate assistance with car key replacement or other on-site auto locksmith services.

Professional Car Key Replacement | Portland, OR

Ilan Lock & Key is the only local locksmith to trust when you need on-site, professional car key replacement. For broken keys, lost/stolen keys, and every scenario in between, we are prepared to help you get your car key replaced quickly and get you back on the road again in no time.

Our prompt, on-site services save you time and money. With a decade of experience under our belts, we have the tools and knowledge needed to cut your new key with precision. Forget going to a dealership, waiting in line, and wasting your time and money. Instead, Ilan Lock & Key will come to you and get the job done ASAP.

Automotive Services Overview

In addition to car key replacement, we offer professional, on-site mobile locksmithing services for all of your vehicle lock and key needs. Here are just some of the vehicle locksmithing tasks we can help with:

  • All Makes/Models (Except Volvo, temporarily)
  • Ignition cylinder replacements
  • Key Fob programming
  • Transponder key programming
  • Smart key programming
  • Push-to-start keys
  • Spare key duplication
  • Lockouts & re-entry
Ilan Lock & Key can replace your key even if you lost the old one

Don’t Have Your Original Key? No Problem!

If your key is lost or stolen, you may be wondering if you can receive a car key replacement without the original. The good news is — yes! You can. Car key replacement in Portland is easy with Ilan Lock & Key, thanks to our ability to create duplicate keys on-site without the original key present.

If you have a traditional vehicle key, a simple key cut can be made quickly and efficiently. If you are like most drivers and have a key fob, transponder key, or other electronic key, we can assist with duplication and get you back on the road fast. If you can provide the make/model of your vehicle, the year, proof of ownership through your registration or title, and the vehicle identification number (VIN), we can get you set up with a car key replacement in no time.

Save Time & Money

One of the best things about going through Ilan Lock & Key for your car key replacement is saving both time and money. Auto locksmiths are a great alternative to going to a car dealership for a replacement.

If your car key has been lost/stolen and you decide NOT to use a mobile locksmith for a replacement, you will first need to pay for a tow truck to take your vehicle to the dealership. This will cost you a hefty fee, depending on how far away the dealership is from your vehicle. Then, you will inevitably need to wait in line, wait for your key to be processed, and pay your replacement — adding to the costs you already spent for the tow truck.

To avoid all this hassle, call Ilan Lock & Key. We come right to your location and replace your key on-site to help save you time and money.

Save time and money on locksmith services

Transponder Keys & More

Our team can help whether you need a key fob, smart key, or transponder key replacement. If you are not sure which kind of car key you have, check out the descriptions below:

Transponder Keys: Transponder keys contain two separate components — the vehicle key itself and the transponder chip located within your vehicle. These two components are programmed together and enable your vehicle to turn on and drive. We replace transponder keys and ensure all mechanisms are programmed properly.

Key Fobs: Key fobs are some of the most common vehicle keys you will see today. They come in a few different forms, ranging from remote locking/unlocking to keyless entry and push-to-start.

Smart Keys: Smart keys are the most modern and technologically advanced keys on the market. Smart keys use a computerized system, sensors, and microchips to automatically unlock/lock doors and start a vehicle. They are usually shaped like plastic squares, rather than an actual key shape.

Motorcycle Key Replacement

In addition to traditional and electronic key replacement, we also perform motorcycle key replacement in Portland and other surrounding cities. We have clients come to us all the time to request motorcycle key replacement, since it is not a service most locksmiths typically perform. We are proud to offer these services so you can hit the open road again fast.

Request Car Key Replacement from Ilan Lock & Key

Request Car Key Replacement | Portland, Oregon

When you have a lost, broken, or stolen vehicle key, you want it replaced as quickly as possible. With help from Ilan Lock & Key, you can receive a new key on-site and be on with your day. We are committed to transparent pricing, honest customer service, and exceptional car key replacement services in Portland.

We service all makes/models (except Volvo, temporarily) and ensure you receive the prompt, on-site service you deserve when you need it most. Car key replacement in Portland has never been more convenient or affordable. We promise to give you the best deal possible and will never hassle you into unnecessary services.

Ilan Lock & Key was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and transparency. The cost of your car key replacement will always be clear to you. With us as your preferred car key replacement service in Portland, you never have to worry about hidden fees or charges on your final bill. We started our business to provide honest locksmithing services that are reliable, professional, high-quality, and always benefit our customers.

Get in touch with us ASAP to get your car key replacement today!