Residential Locksmith Services in Portland, OR

Portland Locksmith Services

Ilan Lock & Key offers residential locksmith services in Portland and surrounding cities. Call today for assistance with lockouts, key replacements & more.

Professional Residential Locksmith in Portland, OR

When you need a reliable, trustworthy residential locksmith service in Portland, OR, look no further than Ilan Lock & Key! We have over a decade of experience helping homeowners and residents with lockouts, rekeying services, master key set-up, and more.

When it comes to your home security, your locks and keys are your first line of defense. We know that nothing is more important to you than keeping your home and loved ones safe. That’s why we work diligently to ensure every lock and key problem you face is resolved quickly and efficiently. As a licensed, bonded, and insured residential locksmith in Portland, Ilan Lock & Key offers the high-quality service you deserve.

Residential Pricing

  • Service Call – $29
  • House Lockout – $65-$100
  • Lock Repair – $45 minimum
  • Lock Change – $65 minimum
  • Rekey Lock – $15 to $40
  • Master Rekey – $35 minimum

Services Overview

Our residential lock change services in Portland are unmatched. Whether you need to change the locks for personal or security reasons, we’ll be there to assist you, no matter your particular needs. We offer a wide range of services for your home locks and keys, including lockout and re-entry assistance, master key set-up, and more.

We know it can be frustrating to need to call a residential locksmith in Portland in the first place, especially if you are dealing with a lockout or lost key, which is why we aim to make the process as smooth and easy as possible so you can get on with your life. Our team is highly experienced and eager to help solve your lock or key issue as quickly as possible. That way, you can get back to what matters.

Here are just some of the great services you can expect from Ilan Lock & Key:

  • Transparency & honesty
  • Prompt & reliable repairs & replacements
  • Lockout & re-entry assistance
  • Master key set-up
  • Lock installation & replacement
  • Rekeying services
  • Smart lock set-up
Ilan Lock & Key can replace your key even if you lost the old one

Rekeying Services

Rekeying is a common service you may need from time to time. Rekeying involves the manipulation of the mechanisms within the lock itself. Once the internal structure is changed, the lock will accommodate a new key, and the previous one will no longer work.

Rekeying is great for homeowners who have just moved in and want to increase their security. You can have peace of mind knowing that no previous tenants or visitors will gain access to your home since all old keys won’t work.

Rekeying: $15 – $40

Home Lockouts

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day and realizing your key is either lost or broken. Or, even worse, your lock is broken and will no longer open. Suddenly, you find yourself locked out and desperate to get inside so you can finally relax. We know the feeling — which is why we are quick to come to your doorstep in the event of a lockout.

Our residential lock repair and replacement services in Portland include lockout and re-entry assistance, as well as key replacement and rekeying services. After you have experienced a lockout, you may need to rekey your locks or replace your key so you can ensure your home security once more. Depending on your situation, we’ll ensure you not only get back inside but also that your home remains safe and secure moving forward.

Service Call: $29
House Lockout: $65 – $100

Residential lock out services Ilan Lock & Key

Hire a Residential Locksmith in Portland Today

With Ilan Lock & Key, all of your locksmithing needs fall into the right hands. We value honest pricing, transparent services, and high-quality repairs and replacements that ensure your security. Your home is your safe haven, and we are here to help it stay that way.

Contact our team now to work with a trusted residential locksmith in Portland.

Master Key Set-Up

Master key set-up is one of our most requested residential locksmith services in Portland. We set up master key systems for residential properties, apartment complexes, and more.

Master key systems save a lot of time, frustration, and hassle. When one key does it all, you don’t have to worry about carrying multiple keys with you. Property managers, construction crews, and other business professionals can especially benefit from master key systems to make day-to-day operations easier and more efficient.

Master Rekey: $35 minimum

Lock Replacement

We offer lock residential services in Portland to homeowners looking to upgrade their current locks to better models or replace broken locks. If you are looking to upgrade, we install a variety of locks ranging from traditional knob locks to smart locks. No matter what type of locks you need for your home, we help you replace or upgrade your locks with precision, care, and expertise.

Our lock change services lead the industry with transparency, commitment to excellence, and trustworthy solutions. Get in touch with our team today if you have a faulty lock that needs to be replaced or would like to upgrade to an electronic lock or other model. We’ll ensure your new lock works perfectly to protect your home and loved ones.

Lock Repair: $45 minimum
Lock Change: $65 minimum

Professional residential locksmith services

Residential Locksmith Services in Portland, Oregon

Your home is the most important place in the world. When you need residential locksmith services in Portland, Ilan Lock & Key is the only service to trust. We proudly provide high-quality residential locksmith services you can depend on. We treat every customer like family and ensure you receive the best possible service every time.

Whether you need lockout assistance, lock changes, key replacements, master key set-up, or help setting up smart locks, we’ve got you covered! There is nothing better than having a residential locksmith service in Portland that you can trust to be there for you when you need it most.

One of the best parts about working with Ilan Lock & Key is that the cost of your services will always be clear. Unfortunately, it is common for residential locksmith services in Portland, OR, and elsewhere in the U.S. to lack honesty and transparency. We maintain integrity with every transaction, letting you know exactly what you can expect in terms of costs. You will also never be surprised by hidden service fees on your final bill.

For fast, reliable, and trustworthy residential locksmith services in Portland, you need Ilan Lock & Key! Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment or request immediate on-site assistance. We work quickly and diligently to ensure your residential lock change services and demands are serviced with respect and integrity. We understand your family depends on home safety and security, so don’t hesitate to call our reputable staff for lock rekeys or replacements today!

*We do not currently offer the following services: access control installation, garage door locks, window locks (except sliding glass doors), and home/gun safe services.