How Often Should Businesses Rekey Their Locks?

Securing a business isn’t just about having the right locks; it’s also about knowing when to update them. Rekeying locks is a crucial security measure that can protect your business from unauthorized access and potential theft. But when should this be done? Discover how often businesses should rekey their locks to ensure their premises remain secure.

After Employee Turnover

Whenever an employee who had access to your premises leaves your company, it’s wise to rekey your locks. This is particularly important if the departure was under less than amicable circumstances. Even if you trust your former employees, you can’t be sure who else might have had access to the keys during their tenure. Rekeying after employee turnover helps eliminate the risk of unauthorized entry, protecting your business’s sensitive information and assets.

Following a Security Breach

If your business has experienced a break-in or an attempted break-in, rekeying your locks should be a top priority. This addresses any immediate security vulnerabilities and helps restore peace of mind for you, your employees, and your customers. It’s a clear signal that you’re taking proactive steps to ensure the safety and security of your business premises.

After Losing Keys

Losing keys can happen to anyone, but it can pose a significant security risk for a business. If a key to your business premises is lost or stolen, rekeying the locks immediately is crucial. This prevents anyone who might have found or taken the keys from gaining access. Regularly auditing who has keys and ensuring they are accounted for can help mitigate this risk, but accidents do happen.

As Part of Regular Security Updates

Consider scheduling regular lock rekeying as part of your business’s routine maintenance. This is particularly important for companies in high-turnover industries or those that frequently work with a rotation of contractors and vendors. A commercial locksmith in Portland can provide a security assessment and recommend a rekeying schedule that meets your business’s specific needs, ensuring that your locks are always up to date and secure.

After reviewing how often businesses should rekey their locks, you can see why staying proactive about lock security is vital. Consulting a commercial locksmith in Portland can help you implement a rekeying strategy that keeps your business secure at all times.